Secrets of Health from the Healthiest People

healthyfamilyEver wonder if there are hidden secrets of health? Let’s check out the healthiest people known to live on earth for THEIR secrets of health.

To do that we’ll need to go to Okinawa.

Here we discover a higher percentage of healthy 100-year old people than anywhere else on earth – three times more than in the U.S. And Okinawans have practically no risk of heart disease, with 80% less breast and prostate cancer and 50% less colon and ovarian cancer.

What are the hidden secrets of health for these healthiest people? You probably already know some of them. But others may surprise you.

The Five Secrets of Health from the Healthiest People

1. Maintain a positive attitude. The healthiest people in Okinawa have a traditional belief that everything works out for the best in the long run. So, there’s no need to worry. This is number one among their secrets of health.

2. Develop healthy relationships. In Okinawa friends and family often get together for fun, support and conversation. They enjoy socializing. And many studies show that people with good relationships, plenty of laughter and a healthy active social life are healthier and live longer.

3. Eat a wholesome diet. No hidden secrets here. The traditional Okinawa diet is simple, light and healthy. They eat mainly nutritious vegetables and fruits, high in antioxidants, along with fish that’s rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Plus, their daily diet is low in calories, averaging 500 to 1,000 less than in the US. This low calorie diet is important for both health and longevity.

4. Be physically active. Although Okinawans tend to work at their own pace and live a calm, peaceful life with little stress, they still manage to get plenty of exercise. But their physical activity is generally not hurried. It comes from walking, gardening and practicing traditional martial arts.

5. Don’t smoke or drink. Very few of the healthy older Okinawans drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or use tobacco in any form whatsoever.

But the five great secrets of health and longevity from the healthiest people in Okinawa seem to be hidden secrets for the younger generation. These youngsters probably won’t be among the world’s healthiest people.

That’s because most young Okinawans have developed unhealthy habits. 60% of them smoke, they aren’t physically active, they eat a more “modern” high calorie diet and they already have the highest rate of obesity in Japan. 

So let’s review the five secrets of health from Okinawa’s elders.

  • Eat a light, wholesome diet.
  • Get regular moderate exercise.
  • Include a positive happy social life.
  • Develop good healthy relationships.
  • And avoid tobacco and excess alcohol.

That’s it – the simple secrets of health, happiness and longevity from the world’s healthiest people. Now it’s up to you to make them work for you.

In the meantime, what’s your experience? What have you found over the years that has worked for you to help you become happier and healthier? Have you discovered any health secrets that you’d like to share?

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  1. Elaine Dougovito says

    Take time for yourself, walk in the woods, commune with nature, sit by yourself on the side of a lake early in the morning to see the sun come up. Breath in fresh air, just be comfortable within yourself with no one around to interrupt your being.

  2. Pat says

    On top of the Okinawa lifestyle which I try to live daily I also do some light yoga exercises, some meditation and walks out in nature absorbing nature’s wonders with its sights and sounds, abundance and magnificence. I do a little organic gardening of course and use my own produce, holistically grown, when in season. Try and be kind to people and animals and help them as much as you can with unconditional love. Nothing complicated – the secret is to simplify complicity rather than complicate simplicity. Kindest Regards.

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