How to Balance Hormones Naturally

The mother with small daughter against skyUnderstanding how to balance hormones naturally is often made complicated.

But for most women, there’s a very simple solution to hormone imbalance and learning how to balance your hormones naturally.

Hormone balance plays a vital role in both health and happiness. And a hormone imbalance can dramatically and negatively affect your moods, weight, energy, appearance, anxiety level, sexual desire and fertility.

But like most other health problems, a hormone imbalance can almost always be helped or reversed with simple healthy lifestyle changes.

Hormone Imbalance Symptoms and Causes

Symptoms of hormone imbalance are mainly experienced at puberty, menstruation (PMS), after childbirth and during pregnancy, perimenopause and menopause. That makes up a good portion of a woman’s life.

The most common unpleasant hormone imbalance symptoms are

  • Depression,
  • Weight gain,
  • Mood swings,
  • Low sex drive,
  • Endometriosis,
  • Oily or dry skin,
  • Water retention,
  • Feeling fatigued,
  • Irregular periods,
  • Problem sleeping,
  • Allergy symptoms,
  • Excess hair growth,
  • Cravings for sweets,
  • Headache/migraines,
  • Anxiety and irritability,
  • Temperature changes,
  • Urinary tract infections,
  • Acne or skin breakouts,
  • Premenstrual syndrome.

Wow! Even though hormones are teeny-tiny little things, when out of balance they wreak big havoc. Basic hormone imbalance causes are:

  • Less than optimum nutrition: Excellent nutrition provides your body with all the necessary tools to balance hormones naturally.
  • Stress and adrenal exhaustion: Stress is a major factor in hormone imbalance. And under prolonged stress, your adrenal glands (which produce stress fighting hormones) can’t continue to do their job.
  • Birth control pills and HRT: Women on hormone replacement therapy or “the pill” tend to have hormone imbalance – even after they quit.
  • Glandular or insulin imbalance: Your endocrine gland system, responsible for hormone production, can be negatively affected by a wide range of conditions, like yo-yo dieting, stress, drugs or illnesses.
  • Chemicals, stimulants and drugs: Medications, painkillers, stimulants like caffeine, toxins and hormones from pesticides in our food, water and air can mimic estrogen and interfere with our natural hormone balance.
  • Pregnancy and postpartum: Pregnancy is a hormonal roller coaster ride. And if you’re not in great health before, during and after childbirth, your hormone imbalance will let you know – in no uncertain terms!

How to Balance Hormones Naturally

Women have been slaves to hormone imbalance for decades. These foods can help you escape hormonal slavery and balance hormones naturally:

  • Natural high fiber foods (vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans).
  • Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower).
  • Nutritious green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach and Swiss chard).
  • Plant sources for good estrogen (soybeans, peas and lentils).
  • Fruits high in flavonoids (berries, red grapes and citrus fruits).
  • Essential fatty acids (olive oil, omega 3 fish, whole grains and nuts).
  • Omega 3 fish oil (like salmon, tuna and fish oil supplements).
  • Nutritional health supplements – multiples that include B complex.
  • And choosing organic fish, poultry and produce whenever possible.

Avoid these foods to naturally reduce hormone imbalance:

  • Animal fats store bad hormones (red meat and full-fat dairy).
  • Caffeine (coffee, caffeinated colas and other “energy” drinks).
  • Refined carbohydrates (white flour, white rice and white pasta).
  • High glycemic foods and alcoholic beverages (sweetened food).

And finally, take the following actions to balance hormones naturally:

Think about it. Who do you know who shows signs of hormonal imbalance? Maybe it’s you! What can you do to get off the hormonal rollercoaster?

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  1. Iblobar says

    Been taking black cohash for more than 10 yrs,,,don’t experience any flashes or night sweats, bUT my weight has ‘gone wild’ and my cravings for sweets is over the top…now what? I make spinach and carrot smoothies and berry smoothies. Allergic to oranges…got any info for me?

    • says

      Congratulations on having no hot flashes and night sweats. I know a lot of woman would love to say that!

      Weight gain and cravings for sweets are not uncommon during menopause. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Generally this happens because of two factors, besides hormonal changes. They are not enough regular exercise and too much of the wrong foods. Smoothies are healthy, but it also matters what you’re eating the rest of the day.

      I suggest you review the article above, especially the section on “How to Balance Hormones Naturally” and take a close look at making some of the suggested changes. Also, click on the links in the article. They will lead you to more useful info. And finally, if you are not already in the habit, ;you can start a regular, daily exercise program.

      • Lola says

        ugh – thought you’d say that. i get really ‘jacked’ w/coffee in the am. but if I am not moving around cleaning, vacuuming or washing clothes,i feel i’m ‘allergic’ to exercise. haha! ok, I know that’s not true, but getting on w/ exercising just is not easy for me. know of any beginner’s yoga I can look into? and I mean beginners. thx

        • says

          The hardest part about exercising is getting started. Once you get into a routine, it gets much easier. Anyway, I know a lot of people who have enjoyed using the yoga DVD, Yoga For Beginners, with Barbara Benagh. It’s put out by Body & Soul. I’m sure you can get it online. :-)

  2. cheril mosher says

    This looks like a good place to start eating better. I realize that proper diet is all important to good health. I am trying to lose weight to alter my knee pain, acid reflux problem, etc. I know that is the key to my best health.

    • says

      Absolutely, Cheril! You’re in the RIGHT place. Look around Common Sense Health and I’m sure you’ll find articles addressing each of your concerns. A great place to start is by clicking on the links at the bottom of this article…or browse some of the subject categories at the top of the page. You’re on the right track and I’m thrilled – seriously – that you’re taking the right steps to improve your health. Moss

  3. div says

    I get light-headed in the early morning when I wake up and it lasts a long time (sometimes a cup coffee helps, but I want to avoid it), and now I can’t exercise (I used to do yoga) as warming up makes it even worse. I had low BP issues earlier, but now showing normal. Really sick of doc’s prescription. Is there any way out with normal diet and what and when should I exercise as summer started here? And it’s difficult to go for a good walk with my 2 yr old. Also got gas problem in my stomach. Light yoga helps but regains it again.
    Diet – normal breakfast at 8 am, lunch by 1:15 pm and light snacks at 4 pm with a small cup coffee and dinner by 7:30 – 8.
    Any idea to get off lighheadedness (as it comes and goes off any time) and reduce weight 12 kgs? :(

    • says

      Well, that’s no fun! Who wants to be light headed and dizzy all the time. I wish I could give you the perfect answer, but the things you’re describing can be caused by several factors, like low blood pressure, low blood volume, medications, low muscle tone in the lower extremities and various diseases. You would need a diagnosis from a qualified physician to get to the bottom of this.

      In the meantime, here are some things you may want to try until you can visit a doctor (and maybe a different doctor since the one you’re currently seeing hasn’t made a difference).

      Drink more water! It helps to keep your blood volume up which will also help with your low blood pressure issue. Pump your ankles up and down several times before sitting or standing up – it’ll help keep blood from pooling in your lower extremities. Nutritionally, you can try a vitamin B Complex and an omega 3 supplement. And I would suggest you stop drinking coffee. It’s not helping the matter.

      For your digestion question, I suggest you read this article, Good Food Digestion and Digestive System Diagram. And be sure to follow the links for more info.

      Best wishes to you. I hope you get this resolved quickly.

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