Good Healthy Living Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Couple on bikes outdoors smilingThese 11 good healthy living tips are vital to a feel-good, happy, healthy lifestyle for you.

Healthy living means creating optimum physical, mental and spiritual health with a nutritious, positive, active, healthy lifestyle.

After all, if you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live? You can get a new house, a new car or new clothes, but the body and life you have right here and now is the only one you get to work with.

The most important criteria for living a happy healthy lifestyle are:

  • Healthy eating,
  • Getting exercise,
  • A positive attitude,
  • Rest and relaxation,
  • Healthy relationships,
  • And a healthy social life.

Healthy living simply means having the courage and motivation to exchange detrimental unhealthy habits for a good healthy lifestyle.

11 Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Living Tips

If you follow these good healthy active living tips, you’ll be happier, look younger and feel a whole lot better for the rest of your days on earth.

1.  Eat a healthy high fiber diet. Begin by replacing all bad carbs in your diet with good healthy carbohydrates. Healthy eating requires including plenty of colorful vegetables, fruit, whole grains and other high fiber foods in your daily diet and eliminating refined high glycemic foods.

2.  Be physically active sensibly. Healthy active living means moving your body as much as possible without injury. So brisk daily walking exercise and weight training are better than high impact aerobics.

3.  Drink lots of pure clean water. Start replacing other drinks with water intake of 8 glasses a day. Water’s an essential nutrient to healthy living. It helps you digest food, absorb nutrients and eliminate harmful toxins.

4.  Trade bad fats for good fats. Keep the fat calories in your diet around 25% to 30% (the average is 42%). And make sure you mainly choose good fat with essential fatty acids and omega 3 fish oil with EPA and DHA.

5.  Stay positive and optimistic. Your attitude is the driving force of healthy living. And according to Abe Lincoln, “Most people are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” So make up your mind to be happy, healthy and grateful for the bright future ahead of you.

6.  Maintain your healthy weight. Fad dieting and diet pills have no place in a healthy lifestyle. Instead, focus on healthy eating and healthy active living for healthy permanent weight loss and management.

7.  Replace bad with good habits. Smoking, excess sodium, caffeine, alcohol, bad news and negative people can all undo your healthy living lifestyle. So start replacing the bad with good healthy input.

8.  Take nutritional supplements. Studies show optimum nutrients (above the RDA’s) can prevent disease, slow aging and help you feel better than ever. So include quality health supplements on your daily menu.

9.  Get plenty of restful sleep. Insufficient sleep can make you too tired for exercise, healthy eating or to work effectively. Sleep deprivation also increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Learning how to get a good nights sleep is an important part of healthy living.

10. Manage the stress in you life. In our modern world we tend to let stress run wild. Relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, breathing and physical exercise are essential to healthy stress management.

11. Lead a healthy active social life. Studies shows healthy people have healthy relationships that they socialize with regularly for companionship, sharing ideas and mutual support of a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Marie says

    Great tips! It’s amazing how many years stress can wind up taking off your life. Plus, it usually prevents you from getting sleep and eating properly, so it doesn’t just affect one aspect of your life! I definitely have trouble keeping my stress levels under control, and it’s a problem.

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