Foods High in Fiber & Fiber Rich Foods

fiberbreakfastThis high fiber foods list is essential to your good health and as easy to use as ABC.

And our ABC ranking for these foods high in fiber gives you simple guidelines for choosing the very best, healthiest fiber rich foods.

To be healthy you need 30 to 40 grams of fiber a day from high fiber foods. But studies show only 5% of the population eats the recommended amount. The average person gets only about 10 grams a day.

So let’s get busy learning our ABCs from this list of high fiber foods.

By choosing more fiber rich foods from this list, you can lower cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease, constipation, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, colon cancer, high blood sugar, diabetes and obesity.

Healthy Foods High in Fiber

The following high fiber sources are specifically ranked for fiber content. The “A” category is the highest, with over 7 grams of fiber per serving.

“B” is next with 3 grams or more. And “C” fiber foods have less than 3 grams. For more details on high fiber foods, go to the high fiber foods list.

Category A of Fiber Rich Foods(more than 7 grams/serving)

 Avocado  1 medium  11.84
 Black beans, cooked  1 cup  14.92
 Bran cereal  1 cup  19.94
 Broccoli, cooked  1 cup  4.50
 Green peas, cooked  1 cup  8.84
 Kale, cooked  1 cup  7.20
 Kidney beans, cooked  1 cup  13.33
 Lentils, cooked  1 cup  15.64
 Lima beans, cooked  1 cup  13.16
 Navy beans, cooked  1 cup  11.65
 Oats, dry  1 cup  12.00
 Pinto beans, cooked  1 cup  14.71
 Split peas, cooked  1 cup  16.27
 Raspberries  1 cup  8.34
 Rice, brown, uncooked  1 cup  7.98
 Soybeans, cooked  1 cup  7.62

Category B of Fiber Rich Foods (more than 3 grams/serving)

 Almonds  1 oz.  4.22
 Apple, w/ skin  1 medium  5.00
 Banana  1 medium  3.92
 Blueberries  1 cup  4.18
 Cabbage, cooked  1 cup  4.20
 Cauliflower, cooked  1 cup  3.43
 Corn, sweet  1 cup  4.66
 Figs, dried  2 medium  3.74
 Flax seeds  3 tsp.  6.97
 Garbanzo beans, cooked  1 cup  5.80
 Grapefruit  1/2 medium  6.12
 Green beans, cooked  1 cup  3.95
 Olives  1 cup  4.30
 Oranges, navel  1 medium  3.40
 Papaya  1 each  5.47
 Pasta, whole wheat  1 cup  6.34
 Peach, dried  3 pcs.  3.18
 Pear  1 medium  5.08
 Pistachio nuts  1 oz.  3.10
 Potato, baked w/ skin  1 medium  4.80
 Prunes  1/4 cup  3.02
 Pumpkin seeds  1/4 cup  4.12
 Sesame seeds  1/4 cup  4.32
 Spinach, cooked  1 cup  3.98
 Strawberries  1 cup  5.94
 Sweet potato, cooked  1 cup  3.68
 Swiss chard, cooked  1 cup  5.04
 Winter squash  1 cup  5.74
 Yam, cooked cubes  1 cup  5.30

Category C of Fiber Rich Foods (less than 3 grams/serving)

 Apricots  3 medium  0.98
 Apricots, dried  5 pieces  2.89
 Asparagus, cooked  1 cup  2.88
 Beets, cooked  1 cup  2.85
 Bread, whole wheat  1 slice  2.00
 Brussels sprouts, cooked  1 cup  2.84
 Cantaloupe, cubes  1 cup  1.28
 Carrots, raw  1 medium  2.00
 Cashews  1 oz.  1.00
 Celery  1 stalk  1.02
 Collard greens, cooked  1 cup  2.58
 Cranberries  1/2 cup  1.99
 Cucumber, sliced w/ peel  1 cup  0.83
 Eggplant, cooked cubes  1 cup  2.48
 Kiwifruit  1 each  2.58
 Mushrooms, raw  1 cup  1.36
 Mustard greens, cooked  1 cup  2.80
 Onions, raw  1 cup  2.88
 Peanuts  1 oz.  2.30
 Peach  1 medium  2.00
 Peppers, sweet  1 cup  2.62
 Pineapple  1 cup  1.86
 Plum  1 medium  1.00
 Raisins  1.5 oz box  1.60
 Romaine lettuce  1 cup  0.95
 Summer squash, cooked  1 cup  2.52
 Sunflower seeds  1/4 cup  3.00
 Tomato  1 medium  1.00
 Walnuts  1 oz.  2.98
 Zucchini, cooked  1 cup  2.63

Now that you’ve learned your ABCs of fiber rich foods and foods high in fiber, it’s time to start using this high fiber foods list to put more fiber rich foods high in fiber into your life for a fit, trim and healthy lifestyle.

You may also want to learn more about nutritious high fiber foods, a healthy high fiber diet and soluble fiber and insoluble fiber foods.

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  1. linda says

    my hubby was told to go on a high fiber diet for his cholesterol. can you recommend one. he is a picky eater……

    • says

      Sure! The simplest thing for you to do is to start adding fiber rich foods from the lists above and concentrated on the foods in the A and B list of fiber foods. I’m sure you can find things in these lists your husband will eat. Also, click on some of the other fiber article links at the end of this article. They”ll give you more info about fiber.

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