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Eating Healthy for Pregnancy Baby Health

Side profile of a pregnant womanHow to have a healthy pregnancy is not something taught in school. And since medical training is based on curing sickness, even your doctor probably knows little about eating healthy for pregnancy baby health.

For excellent pregnancy baby health, you need excellent nutrition.

And if you’re not eating healthy for pregnancy, your body’s designed to rob itself of your essential nutrients to nourish your growing baby. But since the Standard American Diet (SAD for short) is so lacking, even sacrificing your own health isn’t nearly enough for healthy pregnancy baby health.

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy

Can a healthy pregnancy produce a happy, healthy, smart baby? You bet! And what you eat is the key to a healthy pregnancy. Food goes into your mouth, down to your stomach and becomes nutrition for you and baby.

healthyfoodJunk food can lead to many health problems. But great nutrition during pregnancy reduces the risk of birth defects and is essential to your own well being and your baby’s growth, intelligence, health and happiness.

Eating Healthy for Pregnancy Baby Health

Great nutrition for pregnancy baby health and a healthy mom means you get higher levels of protein, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and essential oils from the healthy pregnancy food list, plus high quality supplements.

And although having a healthy pregnancy requires that you get twice as much nutrition, eating much better doesn’t mean eating much more.

You need less than 300 extra daily calories, with a total of no more than 2,500. Use the healthy pregnancy weight gain chart to guide you.

Here’s what eating healthy for pregnancy baby health requires:

Good pregnancy nutrition not only requires eating healthy for pregnancy baby health. You also need physical activity and eight daily glasses of water. Water and exercise help carry nutrients to your baby and prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, infections, dehydration and excess swelling.

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