Common-Sense Health Tips for Healthy Living

healthylivingguidelinesHealthy living is necessary to look and feel your best. Do you believe that? If so, which health tips for healthy living do you follow?

Or maybe, like most people, you’re confused about healthy living and how to be healthy.

And why shouldn’t you be confused? We’re constantly being bombarded with advertising, commercials and medical advice that can make us forget the seven simple common sense health tips for healthy living.

How to Be Healthy with Healthy Living

We’re all victims of commonly accepted self-destructive belief systems.

The common beliefs are – we need caffeine for energy, mood drugs and junk food to feel good, doctors and insurance for “health care” and plastic surgery to look good. Whatever happened to simple healthy living?

If you’re tired of being controlled by these crazy beliefs and are done with the non-sense, you’ll welcome the following common-sense health tips.

These 7 simple common-sense healthy living tips for how to be healthy can help you look and feel your very best for a long, happy, healthy life.

1. Eat healthy. Natural good quality food is the perfect fuel for the human body. But that’s not what the vast majority are eating. Coke, fries and fast food cheeseburgers make up the most common lunch in America. And it’s destroying us. Avoid the garbage and begin eating healthier. Your body will thank you in many ways.

2. Drink water. There are many popular drinks that act like poison to your body. Colas, coffee and alcohol have no useful purpose in a healthy diet. Your body is 60% water that has to be replenished daily. Drink more pure simple water – it’s your fountain of youth.

3. Get daily exercise. It’s natural for humans to exercise. But our modern lifestyle doesn’t support physical activity. Most people sit or stand all day at a job, then sit in the car to drive home, to sit all night in front of the TV or computer. It’s essential to find a way to squeeze at least a half-hour a day of exercise into your busy schedule.

4. Reduce stress. A certain amount of stress is good – as in exercise. Actually, exercise is stress that relieves stress. But most of the self-imposed stress in your life makes you feel overwhelmed, upset, used and abused. Relax. Let some of it go.

5. Be responsible for your health. Nobody cares as much about your well being as you do. No matter what the “health care” slogans say, doctors are trained in cutting and poisoning out sickness, not in nutrition and prevention. So don’t “ask your doctor” unless absolutely necessary. If you want to be healthy, take responsibility for your own health.

6. Manage your thoughts. The human mind is a power tool. But we use it mainly against ourselves, wasting our thoughts on worry, fear, blame, shame and resentment. Start using the infinite power of your mind to envision and support a healthier you.

7. Enjoy your life right now. Living longer would be great – if you’re happy and healthy. If not, why bother. Your own health and happiness is your responsibility. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Most people are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” So make up your mind to be happy. And go for it!

Now that you know how to be healthy – super healthy! – start putting these 7 common-sense-health healthy living tips to work in your life today!

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