Are You a “Junkatarian?”

The unhealthy choices of a Junkatarian.

What gives?! Did you know there are more “junkatarians” than vegetarians? Junk food has taken over the Standard American Diet (SAD, for short) – much to the detriment of our nation’s health.

Over 40 Brain Boosters

Here's a delicious and healthy salad.

Don’t worry if you forget a name or can’t find your keys once in a while. It doesn’t mean you’re going senile. It only means you’re human like everyone else.

How to Exercise without a Gym

family walking for exercise

If you can’t afford to join a gym, you don’t have childcare, or your work schedule is crazy, there are still plenty of ways to get exercise, stay in shape and enjoy better health.

Natural Migraine Relief

Woman suffering from a migraine headache.

It’s possible to find natural relief for migraines without medicated pain relievers. Sounds like good news for you and the other 28 million Americans who suffer from the throbbing pains of migraine headaches.

Tips for Exercising in the Heat

A runner working out in the summer heat.

You don’t need to stop exercising when the heat rises, but you do need to be lot more careful. Here are some healthy tips on safe exercising during the dog days of summer.