Natural Migraine Relief

Woman suffering from a migraine headache.

It’s possible to find natural relief for migraines without medicated pain relievers. Sounds like good news for you and the other 28 million Americans who suffer from the throbbing pains of migraine headaches.

Tips for Exercising in the Heat

A runner working out in the summer heat.

You don’t need to stop exercising when the heat rises, but you do need to be lot more careful. Here are some healthy tips on safe exercising during the dog days of summer.

Save Money and Save Your Life – Quit Smoking

Smoking a cigarette

Smoking is almost as bad for your pocketbook as it is for your health and well being. Cigarettes average about $4 to $6 a pack in the U.S., which means a pack a day habit adds up to $1,500 to $2,200 a year. That’s a lot of money!

Diet Tips for Women over 40

Diet tips

Women over 40 do tend to gain about a pound a year. And it’s not necessarily a hormone thing. It’s because they are a lot less physically active.