The Twelve Hour Diet

Losing weight may not be just about counting calories and eating a healthy diet. Maybe when you eat is just as important as what you eat. The debate over whether or not eating late night snacks contributes to weight gain has been going on for a long time. The consensus right now seems to be […]

Prevent Cancer with More Veggies, Less Alcohol

Eating more fruits and vegetables and cutting back on alcohol consumption may help reduce the risk of obesity-related cancers, according to a recent New York University study. Obesity and excess body fat has long been linked to cancer of the stomach, reproductive organs, urinary tract, thyroid, blood and bones. The NYU researchers investigated whether the […]

Young Women Can Prevent Heart Disease

Women who lead an active, healthy lifestyle as young adults had a 92% lower risk of developing heart disease as they reach middle age, according to a team of researchers from the Indiana University School of Public Health in Bloomington after reviewing twenty years of data of thousands of women starting in their 20s and […]

Yoga Good for the Heart

Doing down dogs and sun salutations may be as beneficial for the heart as taking a brisk walk in the park or going for a bike ride. Yoga may also be a lot easier to tolerate for older folks and people with health challenges. After reviewing 37 clinical trials, a team of researchers from Harvard […]

Why You Should Eat More Beans

Beans may make you gassy, but they should still be an important part of your diet. They are extremely healthy food. That’s why nutrition experts recommend everyone eat at least three cups of beans a week. And the truth is the more beans you eat, the less bloating, discomfort and gas you experience. Here are […]

Whole Grains for a Longer Life

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a bowl of oatmeal a day could help keep the Grim Reaper at bay. A long-term Harvard School of Public Health study, recently published in the JAMA Internal Medicine, found consuming more whole grain foods could decrease your risk of death by up to 15%. […]

Six Ways Women Can Prevent Heart Disease

Women who practice six specific lifestyle habits can reduce their risk of heart disease by over 90% and lower their risk of developing heart disease risk factors, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol,, by as much as 66%. That was the result found in a twenty year study of nearly 70,000 women recently […]

Reverse Aging with Exercise

Exercise can not only help you feel better physically and mentally, it can also help slow down and reverse the effects of aging, according to a new study by researchers from Kings College London. Exercise was found to have a strong physiological impact, making older people’s bodies function at a much younger level. The researchers […]

Limit Alcohol to Reduce Stroke Risk

People who average of more than two drinks a day increase their risk of stroke by 34 percent compared to those who drink less than half a drink per day. This increased stroke risk is the same as that of having high blood pressure or diabetes. Light drinkers tend to have fewer strokes and at […]

Reduce Stroke Risk with Mediterranean Diet

A new unpublished Columbia University Medical Center study found people who mostly ate a Mediterranean style diet had a reduced risk of ischemic stroke when compared to people who ate less healthy diets. Ischemic strokes are a result of a blood clot. Previous studies have shown a Mediterranean diet can help reduce risk of heart […]