8 Weeks Pregnancy Stages Pictures

In 8 weeks pregnancy stages pictures your baby’s the size of a sweet grape.

And by the time pregnancy 8 weeks rolls around the reality of being pregnant has sunk in and your work and fun has just begun.

Pictures of Pregnancy 8 Weeks

8 Weeks Pregnancy Development

Although it may be hard to imagine that the little grape-size being inside of you will actually grow over the weeks to become a full sized baby, your pregnancy is real and many things have already started happening.

Up to now Baby even had a tail. But don’t worry, the tail’s on its way out.

Your little one has been constantly growing to reach pregnancy 8 weeks and is now about 10,000 times bigger than at the very beginning.

What’s Happening at 8 Weeks Pregnancy Stages?

Healthy baby pregnancy 8 weeks:

  • All major organs and body parts are in place.
  • The spinal column is now flexible and moveable.
  • Your baby’s heart is beating with a regular rhythm.
  • Arms and legs grow and finger and toe buds appear.
  • The teeth have started forming under your baby’s gums.
  • Eyelids have formed and the eyes move forward to the face.
  • The genitals have appeared and are now either testes or ovaries.
  • Baby starts moving and kicking but is still too small for you to feel it.

Mom’s healthy pregnancy – 8 weeks:

  • Your breasts are larger and probably sore.
  • The uterus has gone from plum-size to orange-size.
  • As uterus presses on bladder, you’ll have to pee more often.
  • You may have heartburn or nausea, which should pass by week 12.

By the time you reach the end of 8 weeks pregnancy your baby is about an inch long, weighs around 1/10 of an ounce and looks more like a person.

So now it’s time to move on to 12 weeks pregnancy stages pictures or go back to the Pictures of Pregnancy Stages of Fetal Development.

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