36 Weeks Pregnancy Stages Pictures

Week 36 Pregnancy StagesIn 36 weeks pregnancy stages pictures your “little one” is feeling more like a pretty “big one” at about the size of a spaghetti squash.

And now you’re coming to the end of your “big” (pun intended) adventure and beginning a whole new  stage of your life.

Pictures of Pregnancy 36 Weeks

Pregnancy Stages Week 36

Your baby is now working on putting on the extra weight necessary for the energy and warmth required during the first couple days of life.

And Baby is also working on the final stages of its lung development, so that he or she will be equipped to take that first breath at birth.

Hormones secreted from the placenta trigger milk production for nursing your baby. So your breasts may be swelling as they fill with milk. But it won’t really get into full swing until your baby is born.

After Baby is born he or she will receive antibodies through your colostrum and milk to bolster the infant’s immature immune system.

What’s Happening at 36 Weeks Pregnancy Stages?

Healthy baby pregnancy 36 weeks:

  • Baby’s skin is getting pinker and less wrinkly.
  • She or he is losing downy hair covering the body.
  • Vernix (waxy protective covering) is wearing off its skin.
  • Baby has probably dropped into heads down position by now.
  • Nails have grown long and may need to be trimmed soon after birth.
  • Eyes have color (usually blue), but that often changes within six months.

Mom’s healthy pregnancy – 36 weeks:

  • Breasts may swell as they start to fill with mother’s milk.
  • You could find yourself getting anxious, moody and irritable.
  • You may experience rapid swings between fatigue and energy.
  • Discomfort, constipation and heartburn are common experiences.

You’re now in the final stretch. So make sure you have everything ready for your next baby episode. But don’t lose your cool.

Although it won’t be long now, only a very small percentage of babies are actually born on their due date. However, 95% of all births occur within two weeks before or after the due date. So be patient!

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