32 Weeks Pregnancy Stages Pictures

newborn baby yawningIn 32 weeks pregnancy stages pictures your little one is about the size of a honeydew melon.

Your uterus now fills up most of your abdomen and you’ve hopefully gained just the right amount of healthy pregnancy weight.

Of course, just like your baby, every pregnancy is unique.

One thing is pretty sure at this point in your third trimester. You’re probably getting more and more excited, anxious or both about your upcoming birth, since the big day is getting closer and closer.

Pictures of Pregnancy 32 Weeks

Illustration of 32 Week pregnant woman

Even though your baby’s body is just about totally formed, he or she is still going through a period of extremely rapid growth. And this is particularly in the important area of Baby’s brain development.

All this growth makes for a pretty tight fit in your uterus, so you may notice a slow down in Baby’s acrobatic movements around this time.

But she or he will still be kicking and stretching as much as possible.

Around this time you’ll probably start feeling contractions on a regular basis. These Braxton Hicks contractions are not a cause of concern. They’re simply strengthening muscle exercises for childbirth.

What’s Happening at 32 Weeks Pregnancy Stages?

Healthy baby pregnancy 32 weeks:

  • If Baby has hair, it’s getting thicker.
  • A boy’s testes now drops to the scrotum.
  • Eyebrows and eyelashes are fully developed.
  • The lungs are in the final stages of development.
  • Hands, fingernails, toes and toenails are fully formed.
  • If born at this time, Baby could survive with intensive care.
  • Your baby is getting chubbier and can control body temperature.

Mom’s healthy pregnancy – 32 weeks:

  • Your estrogen levels are increasing.
  • Backaches and leg cramps may continue.
  • Baby is dropping into pelvis in preparation for birth.
  • You may find sleeping on your left side the most comfortable.
  • Breasts may leak colostrum, a yellow fluid that precedes breast milk.

If you’ve been putting it off, now it’s really time to get serious about making all the necessary preparations to give birth and care for your baby. Continue to eat well, exercise moderately, think positively and get plenty of rest. And, by all means, stay as relaxed as possibly.

If you’re ready, move on to 36 Weeks Pregnancy Stages Pictures at week 36, return to 28 Weeks Pregnancy Stages Pictures or go back to the Pictures of Pregnancy Stages of Fetal Development.

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