20 Weeks Pregnancy Stages Pictures

Newborn baby with eyes closedIn 20 weeks pregnancy stages pictures your baby has grown to about the size of a pink grapefruit.

By the time pregnancy 20 weeks begins you should be starting to feel really good.

You’ll experience Baby moving around more actively in your tummy and will feel more and more connected – with all of the unmistakable twisting, turning, punching and kicking going on.

Plus, morning sickness is now a thing of the past. And, best of all, you’re just crossing the pregnancy 20 weeks half-way-there mark.

Pictures of Pregnancy 20 Week

Week 20 pregnancy stages illustration

Your baby is getting to know you pretty well too by this point.

He or she can now hear the sound of your voice, the growling of your stomach, your heartbeat and the noises of the room that you’re in. As a matter of fact, those noises can get so loud that Baby actually startles and jumps moving the hands to cover his or her ears.

What’s Happening at 20 Weeks Pregnancy Stages

Healthy baby pregnancy 20 weeks:

  • Baby will start to develop definite sleeping patterns.
  • The skin is developing, appearing red and transparent.
  • For protection, downy hair is growing all over Baby’s body
  • A special “brown fat” develops to regulate Baby’s temperature.
  • Baby is beginning to see, hear, taste, smell and respond to touch.
  • A simple immune system helps protect Baby from infection and illness.

Mom’s healthy pregnancy – 20 weeks:

  • Your breasts will get even bigger.
  • Your appetite will probably increase.
  • Freckles and moles will become darker.
  • You can now often feel baby’s movements.
  • Stretch marks may appear as tummy expands.
  • You may experience some normal breast leakage.
  • Water retention causes swollen hands, legs and feet.
  • You may perspire more as thyroid gland get more active.

As baby grows you may start having some mid-pregnancy aches, pains and health issues, such as heartburn, constipation, backaches and leg cramps. So be sure to take extra good care of yourself.

Maintain good posture, stay off your feet as much as possible and lift with your legs and not your back. To avoid dizziness, keep sudden movements to a minimum. And, by all means, pamper yourself.

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