16 Weeks Pregnancy Stages Pictures

image of newborn babyIn 16 weeks pregnancy stages pictures your baby is the size of a ripe red tomato and you’re most likely beginning to look pregnant.

So, if you haven’t told your friends and family about your good news, they’ve probably already started to wonder or guess anyway.

Pictures of Pregnancy 16 Weeks

Pregnancy Stages week 16

As you notice your clothes getting too tight and uncomfortable it’s now time to invest in some larger bras and maternity clothing.

With all of the pregnancy hormones your body’s producing, you probably feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster ride. The realization that your body’s rapidly changing can be both scary and joyful. Try to just relax and enjoy the ride as much as possible.

What’s Happening at 16 Weeks Pregnancy Stages?

Healthy baby pregnancy 16 weeks:

  • All teeth have been formed.
  • Baby may start thumb sucking.
  • Eyebrows and hair are now visible.
  • Baby is urinating about every 45 minutes.
  • With a stethoscope you can hear the heartbeat.
  • As lungs develop, baby will ”breathe” amniotic fluid.
  • Baby’s heart is pumping about 25 quarts of blood daily.
  • As ear bones harden, baby may start to hear some sounds.
  • The face is well developed and Baby can smile, frown and squint.

Mom’s healthy pregnancy  – 16 weeks:

  • As you start feeling better, you may get more energetic.
  • When morning sickness goes away, your appetite will grow.
  • Your nipples may be darker and veins may be more prominent.
  • You may feel butterflies in your tummy as Baby begins moving about.

Your heart will be working a lot harder since your uterus needs twice as much blood and your kidneys 25% more blood than usual.

With your expanding uterus pressing on your abdomen, your lung capacity will decrease. So if you’re very active, you may find yourself getting tired faster and running out breath sooner than normal.

If this is the case, just pay attention to how you’re feeling and slow down or even stop whatever you’re doing until you feel up to it.

By the time you reach the end of 16 weeks pregnancy your baby is about 6 inch long, weighs around 4 ½ ounces and can smile at you.

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