12 Weeks Pregnancy Stages Pictures

By 12 weeks pregnancy stages pictures your baby has doubled in size and is now about as big as a yummy plum and the length of your little pinky.

Pregnancy 12 weeks also marks the end of your first trimester. So, if you’ve felt any morning sickness, it should soon be a thing of the past.

You may be starting to show some outward signs of pregnancy by now.

Pictures of Pregnancy 12 Weeks

12 Week Pregnancy Stages picture

Since your uterus is about the size of a grapefruit and your tummy’s beginning to expand, you’ll now notice you’re getting a little thicker in the waist. Even though you may not be ready for maternity outfits at 12 weeks pregnancy, you’ll probably want to wear looser, less restrictive clothing.

It’s a good time at 12 weeks pregnancy to start sharing your news with family and friends. Most likely they’ll be excited for you, so don’t be surprised if they start giving you big hugs and poking you in the belly.

If you’re not already on a daily exercise program, this is probably the time to begin. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, just a daily 20 minute walk and some simple yoga, stretching and/or relaxation exercises should do the job of keeping your muscles in tiptop condition for what’s coming next.

What’s Happening at 12 Weeks Pregnancy Stages?

Healthy baby pregnancy 12 weeks:

  • Kidneys are secreting urine.
  • All internal organs are functioning.
  • Heart is pumping blood to entire body.
  • Eyes, ears, nose and mouth are developing.
  • Arms, hands, legs and feet are now growing rapidly.
  • Your baby’s external sex organs begin to reveal a girl or boy.
  • Nerves and muscles are working together – Baby can now make a fist.

Mom’s healthy pregnancy  – 12 weeks:

  • Your midwife or doctor can feel the uterus above your pubic bone.
  • The uterus is about the size of grapefruit, so a tummy may start to show.
  • You may experience heartburn since your uterus is pushing on your stomach.

By stages of pregnancy 12 weeks your baby has doubled in size and is still growing in order to reach 16 Weeks Pregnancy Stages Pictures at week 16.

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