Basted Turkey

How to Cook a Turkey – the Perfect Turkey!

Cooking a turkey is easy, but learning how to cook the perfect turkey is even easier! Here’s how to cook a turkey with our slow-cooking perfect turkey recipe.

Diet & Nutrition


Why Eat Organic Food & What to Buy Organic

Why eat organic food? When you know what to buy organic and natural, you can reduce your pesticide exposure by a whopping 80%. Here’s what to buy organic.


How to Eat Healthy Eating Healthy Foods

A healthy eating plan starts with commitment to eating healthy foods. And eating healthy food takes know-how. Here’s how to eat healthy eating healthy foods.

green and red healthy food

Healthy Heart Diet = Healthy Brain Cells

Recent research shows that if you have a healthy heart, you also have a healthy brain. Here’s how a healthy heart diet contributes to healthy brain cells.

Weight Loss

holiday weight gain

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain in 7 Steps

Avoiding holiday weight gain can be a challenge. These 7 steps will show you how to avoid holiday weight gain and have a stress-free, happy, healthy holiday.

Family fitness

How to Eat Less, Move More & Lose Weight

Learning how to eat less, move more and lose weight can save your life, and can be very satisfying too. Here’s how to eat less and move more to lose weight.


Body Fat Chart for Healthy Body Fat Percentage

This body fat percentage chart shows you your healthy body fat percentage. Learn how to measure body fat and lose body fat with our healthy body fat chart.

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Basted Turkey

How to Cook a Turkey – the Perfect Turkey!

Cooking a turkey is easy, but learning how to cook the perfect turkey is even easier! Here’s how to cook a turkey with our slow-cooking perfect turkey recipe.


How to Avoid Getting Sick, Stay Healthy & Be Well

Knowing how to be healthy is vital all year, but in cold weather, it’s particularly important to learn how to avoid getting sick, be well and stay healthy.

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How to Live Longer and Still Enjoy Life

Want to live long and prosper? This anti-aging diet and lifestyle will show you how to live longer and enjoy your life right up until your very last breath.

Health Conditions

Dictionary Series - Health: diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms and Causes

Type 2 diabetes symptoms can be subtle and confusing. But since diabetes type 2 has become epidemic, it’s vital to learn the causes and symptoms of diabetes.


The 7 Steps for How to Prevent Heart Disease

These 7 simple heart healthy steps to prevent heart disease or even reverse heart disease are not complicated. Learn how to prevent heart disease naturally.


Warning Signs of a Heart Attack in Women & Men

What does a heart attack feel like? And are the symptoms and warning signs of heart attack in women different from the warning signs of a heart attack in men?

Women’s Health

Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Height Chart for Women

This healthy weight chart for women helps women set goals for healthy weight maintenance. So use the weight height chart to guide you in achieving your goal.

Side profile of a pregnant woman

Eating Healthy for Pregnancy Baby Health

Eating healthy for pregnancy baby health is not taught in school. Learn how to have a healthy pregnancy and baby by eating healthy for pregnancy baby health.

Week 12 newborn baby

12 Weeks Pregnancy Stages Pictures

By your 12th week of pregnancy your baby is the size of a yummy plum. These 12 weeks pregnancy stages pictures show you what’s happening during this stage.

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Go Nuts and Get Healthy

They say, “Good things come in small packages” and that’s especially true about nuts. Nutritionally, nuts are high in nutritious protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Nuts make a great snack to hold you over till it’s time to eat, but don’t overdo it. Most nuts provide about the same number of calories per […]

An Accu-Check blood sugar device.

How to Stop or Control Type 2 Diabetes

The long-term effects of Type2 or adult-onset diabetes include two major killers – heart attack and stroke. This terrible disease is also a major cause of…

A basket full of multi colored eggs.

Best Protein Food Sources

Not all protein foods are created equal. That’s why you should pay close attention to the entire protein package. A high fat diet, especially saturated fat, …