Food Combining Chart for Good Digestion

If you have poor digestion problems and want good digestion, try food combining. Our food combining chart can help most anyone with digestive system problems.

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Food Combining Chart for Good Digestion

If you have poor digestion problems and want good digestion, try food combining. Our food combining chart can help most anyone with digestive system problems.


Eating Organic – Natural Organic Food Benefits

Why organic? Is eating organic food really better? How do the health effects of pesticides compared to organic agriculture and natural organic food benefits?

Fruit Salad

5 Fresh Fruit Salad Recipes with Calories

A fresh fruit salad recipe should be healthy, right? But most fruit salad recipes are NOT! Here’s how to make fruit salad with 5 healthy fruit salad recipes.

Weight Loss


Effective Weight Loss Strategies for Permanent Results

What are the most effective ways to lose weight for healthy weight loss? These effective weight loss strategies show you how to lose weight and keep it off.

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Best Way to Lose Weight in the Summer

Summer can be “the best of times or the worst of times” for losing weight. Here’s the best way to lose weight in summer for the “best of times.”


12 Healthy Snacking Tips for Weight Loss

How do you change your unhealthy snacking habits into healthy snacking for weight loss? Here are the 12 guidelines that will make healthy snacks work for you.

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Summer Health Tips

Hot Summer Weather Health and Safety Tips

Hot summer fun can be risky. So keep these top 10 hot summer safety tips and hot weather health tips handy to help protect yourself during hot summer days.


The Health Benefits of Walking

The health benefits of walking for exercise are extraordinary. Plus, exercise walking is easy! Here are 7 health benefits of a 30 minute walk.

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7 Steps to Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Habits

If you want to look and feel your very best, here are seven simple steps for developing healthy habits. Just take it nice and easy, one simple step at a time.

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How to Balance Hormones Naturally

Knowing how to balance hormones naturally is important to women. Why? Because a hormone imbalance can wreak havoc and so can taking drugs to balance hormones.


Seasonal Allergy Symptoms & Natural Allergy Relief

When symptoms of seasonal allergies make you sneeze and wheeze, you need natural allergy relief. Here’s natural allergy relief for seasonal allergy symptoms.


How to Control Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

What is blood sugar? And can you really control blood sugar levels naturally? These 10 steps show you how to control blood sugar levels naturally and easily.

Women’s Health

Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy Weight Height Chart for Women

This healthy weight chart for women helps women set goals for healthy weight maintenance. So use the weight height chart to guide you in achieving your goal.

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Eating Healthy for Pregnancy Baby Health

Eating healthy for pregnancy baby health is not taught in school. Learn how to have a healthy pregnancy and baby by eating healthy for pregnancy baby health.

Week 12 newborn baby

12 Weeks Pregnancy Stages Pictures

By your 12th week of pregnancy your baby is the size of a yummy plum. These 12 weeks pregnancy stages pictures show you what’s happening during this stage.

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Blueberries Reduce Blood Pressure

A new Florida State University study found that one cup of blueberries a day helps decrease blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. For two months, researchers gave 48 women with high blood pressure or on the verge of hypertension either a freeze-dried serving of the equivalence of a cup of blueberries or 22 grams […]

Stop Diabetes with 10% Weight Loss

A study, published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, showed people with prediabetes – i.e. fasting blood sugar levels between 100 and 125 mg/dl – who lose 10% of body weight can delay the onset of type-2 diabetes by more than three years. (See: How to Avoid Diabetes and Reverse Diabetes Type 2) Earlier studies revealed […]

Organic Produce Healthier, Less Toxic

Organic produce consumers are winning the debate! According to a review of 343 scientific studies recently published in the British Journal of Nutrition, organic produce is richer in beneficial antioxidants and other health promoting plant based nutrients, while conventionally grown produce contains more carcinogens, heavy metals and other harmful toxic chemicals. Think about it. Why would […]